3 Best Hairspray for Improving 3D Printing Adhesion – Things to Know & How to Apply

Whether it is adhesion, shrinking, wrapping, and whatever, most of us is struggling hard to get the proper first layer.
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Adhesion Problems? Is your first print layer of the 3D model messed up?

Whether it is adhesion, shrinking, wrapping, and whatever, most of us is struggling hard to get the proper first layer.

Few are lucky; everything goes very well for them right from the beginning. For the rest people working with ABS, nylon, resin filament, getting their first layer right is the most challenging task.

I will suggest not to worry because you are not alone. Many people face the same problem in the initial days of 3D Printing.

In this article, we will discuss a hack that will help you overcome this adhesion problem.

How does Hairsprays fit into 3D Printing?

Many people do not recognize the power and the use of the Hairspray.

Using them will ensure that your 3D prints stick well to the bed.

Identifying a proven Hairspray is difficult. Because

  1. Lots of people are unaware of this hack
  2. Very few options are available to choose from

In general, you can follow the few steps mentioned below to avoid adhesion problems and if they do not work for you, then only go for Hairspray.

Step 1 – Properly clean the bed.

Step 2 – Properly clean the nozzle.

Step 3 – Properly level the print bed (distance between print bed and nozzle)

Step 4 – Monitor and adjust temperature level appropriately (because too hot or too cold, both can ruin your prints)

Still here! The problem is not yet solved even after following the above steps then let’s give a try to Hairspray.

Hairspray exhibits impressive bonding and holding properties, which ensure proper sticking of 3D prints to print beds.

How to use Hairspray in 3D Printing

To use them, you need to follow few steps as mentioned below.


  • Hairspray
  • Paper Towel
  • Skills

Now without any further ado, let’s discuss how we can make it

#1 – Heat Up the Bed

We are suggesting using hairsprays on heated beds only for better results.

Increase the temperature of the heat bed to 50°C.

Be careful while playing with Hairspray because they are flammable. A little spark can ignite Hairspray and may lead to undesirable trouble.

Note that the temperature at which the 3D Printer (heat bed) operates is below the Hairspray ignition temperature. So there is nothing to worry about but being extra cautious helps sometimes.

#2 – Spray the Hairspray – Be careful

It’s time to show your skills.

Evenly spray the Hairspray on the heated bed, as I said earlier, to be extra cautious because the Hairspray is flammable and can ignite with a little spark.

#3 – Remove excessive spray from the bed

Wait for 1 minute until the Hairspray gets settled on the print bed.

Once done, get a paper towel and try to lay the towel down flat and absorb the spray.

DO NOT wipe off all of the sprays.

#4 – Testing the results

It’s time to see the hardwork paying off.

Touch the print bed and feel the stickiness. However, if it doesn’t feel sticky, then repeat the procedure one more time.

Best Hairspray for 3D Printing

The beautiful thing about using Hairsprays for 3D printing is that they are very cost effective. You can buy them starting from $5 to $20. And, as per the experts, cheap Hairsprays are proven to provide excellent first layer holding capacities.

So don’t forget to give a shot to each of the hairspray below to find out which works best for your 3D Printer.

1. Aqua Net Hair Spray

Aqua Net Hair Spray - Best Hairspray for 3D Printing Adhesion Problem

The Aqua Net Hair Spray is the most popular solution when it comes to 3D printing adhesion problems.

It exhibits excellent bonding and holding. The compatibility with high temperature makes this spray standout amongst others.

This spray is proven for excellent sticking properties.

2. L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle - Best Hairspray for 3D Printing Adhesion Problem

The L’Oreal is a famous brand proven to supply high-end beauty and cosmetic products.

This Hairspray from L’Oreal is the perfect choice to avoid adhesion problems associated with 3D Printing.

The anti-frizz agent makes sure an extra-strong bonding. The water-free and humidity resistance properties are excellent for adhesion of 3D model to print bed.

3. Paul Mitchell Spray

Paul Mitchell Spray - Best Hairspray for 3D Printing Adhesion Problem

This brand has a big reputation in the hair spray category.

Many conditioning ingredients included in this spray make it unique in the best Hairspray list for 3D Printing.

The Paul Mitchell Spray will hold your 3D prints firmly in place while printing.

I have heard of Glue Stick for 3D Printing….

Few glue sticks can be used for proper adhesion of the first layer to the 3D printer bed.

One of the best is Aceirmc 3D Printer Glue Stick. It is uniquely designed for 3D Printing and boasts a few exciting features over the rivals.

People who choose glue stick over Hairspray might get impressed by the features like ease of applying and cleaning.

Like the Hairspray, we suggest using Glue Stick on the heat bed only for better adhesion results.

Final Words

This simple hack has helped us get the quality prints right from our 3D printing journey’s initial days.

Let us know which Hairspray you are going to use. Also, you can tell us about your fantastic Hairspray that benefited you a lot. We will love to add it to the above list.

We tried to give you enough information to get started with Hairspray for 3D Printing. However, if you feel the need for more information, then don’t forget to comment below. We will love to help you.

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