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Being part of a huge community of Bloggers means ranking higher in SERP and growing traffic to your website!

Content writing and SEO both are easy. But yet most of the bloggers and SEOs fail to attract traffic to their websites.

As per the 2021 study, there are 1.7 billion websites, and 600 million websites are blogging websites. But not all of these websites end up ranking higher in search results and driving traffic.

Almost 90% have failed!

Do you know why? Let me explain,

Website UI/UX, the quality of the content, and backlinks are the biggest ingredients for the success of a website. IMHO, content quality and website design is controlled by you. But when it comes to link building, things get harder and then worst.

However, few people crack the code! But these are the people with a huge budget and lots of connections in the niche. If your connections are good and you have money to spend on guest posting and link building, your growth will skyrocket in this digital marketing era.

But what if you have a little budget? Now you are in the middle of this short article, and let me see if you can relate to the following image,

Why join blogging community - Dobi

If it resonates with your situation, then welcome to Dobi. It is made for us!

Right now, your link building struggle might be something like below,

  1. You are outreaching website owners/bloggers and telling them about your website and informative article. But all of the time, you end up with a deal asking about return favor (payment)
  2. That expensive list of bloggers and websites accepting guest posts is useless because they charge hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars per guest article. And, remaining belongs to PBN.
  3. You decided to join a blogging network but ended up with a group of people that could not help because your niche is different than theirs.

We at Dobi think that link building and connection building both go hand in hand when it comes to improving traffic to a website.

Imagine if you could have friends who would have helped you rank and grow traffic to your website.

Dobi is an open-source platform that helps people connect with fellow bloggers and SEOs.

Don't wait! Dive into the world's first blogging community and start making friends.

World's Largest Blogging Community

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Blogging Community

What's Inside Dobi For You And All?

Niche based communities

Uniqueness of Dobi lies in niche specific groups keeping you up to date with trends and allowing you to find bloggers of your interest to add to your friend list.


You can send "Friend Request" to the bloggers and SEOs on Dobi. Using privacy feature you can restrict content to certain users.

Personal e-meetings

Dobi is integrated with Calendly. You can visit user's profile and access their Calendar. Schedule e-meetings with bloggers and SEOs as per their availability.


This is a global wall where you will see the content posted by Dobi users. Watch out what's trending. Like, comment and share excellent articles posted by another users.

Private Messaging

With Dobi instant messaging service communication is a breeze. You can chat with your friends. Chatting supports text messaging, emojis and GIFs.

List of Professional Bloggers

As an open source platform, Dobi allows you to access database of professional bloggers. You can connect with them and take advice from them through messaging and e-meetings.

Article Sharing

Increase the visibility of your master-piece content by sharing it with Dobi community. Users will like, comment and share your article with their connections

Build Professional Portfolio

Add your website and article links to your profile. Mention your skills and rate them. With plethora of other features create a professional portfolio and share it on other platforms.

Additional Features

Dobi is offering range of additional features to help you connect with professional content writer and SEOs. Dive in and explore more about the platform.

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Dobi - Blogging Community

Who can join Dobi?

We are committed to maintain the quality of the platform and allow users to connect with valuable people. To do so we have Valid Account Policy under which you must submit your owned or associated website links. Also, if you are a freelancer or ghost writer then you can submit articles links.

Submit the links to the article written by you. Note that if you own or are associated with a website and have dedicated team of content writers then this field is optional for you.

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