What Is Little Chain On Gas Grill? – Using Emergency Ignition System – 2022

Is that mysterious little chain dangling from your Gas Grill bothering you?

You might be unaware of it.

Let me help you to know what it is and how to use it.

Most of the modern Gas Grills are equipped with a little chain on either side of the grill.

In fact, many people grilling for years also don’t know the purpose of this little chain.

What is that Little Chain on Gas Grill?

Before we know what it is, let us understand how it is made.

It consists of two parts,

  1. Long-chain
  2. Small metal stick

Together they are used to light a gas grill manually if the ignition [electronic or any other advanced] system stop working.

Basically, it is an emergency ignition system for your gas grill.

The little chain is also known as the “Matchstick Holder.”

One more thing that is part of this system is a little hole on either right or left side of the grill (usually on the same side where the chain is hanging).

Little Hole to Light Up the Gas Grill - ULTRAdvice

Now without any further over ado, let’s see how to use this emergency ignition system,

How To Light A Gas Grill Using A Matchstick Holder?

Step 1 – Safety First – Make sure that all burner control knobs are turned off.

Step 2 – Put a matchstick in the holder.

Step 3 – Light up the matchstick and insert it into the hole.

Step 4 – Try to get it closer to the first burner and turn the knob ON.

Step 5 – Make sure that the first burner is lit. If not, then repeat the above steps.

Step 6 – Once the first burner is lit, turn ON the adjacent burner knobs to cross-light them.

Note that these are generic steps. You can refer to the Gas Grill Manual sent to you by the manufacture for the exact steps to light your grill.

Final Words

So now you know about the little hanging chain on your gas grill. Let us know how often you will use it and will it help or not.

If still, you have any doubts, then comment below; we will love to respond.

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