9 Cool Things To Do With A Projector – Ideas for Partying, Studying and Kids – 2022

When I say “A Projector,”

The first thing that strikes your mind is watching movies, playing games, and conducting business presentations on a massive screen.

Isn’t that right?

But let me tell you the truth, a projector’s awesomeness is not limited just to the activities mentioned above.

You are unaware of the few fantastic and freaking-easy things that a projector is capable of doing.

In this article, we will discuss the projector hacks by creative people.

It is a perfect time for you to become creative and go beyond movies, games, and presentations with your projector.

Table of Contents

  1. Musical Laser Light Show
  2. Drawing Murals
  3. Seasonal Scenes on Home Walls
  4. Planetarium on Bedroom Ceiling
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Stealth Illusions
  7. Watching Recipes while Cooking
  8. Fun at Pool Party
  9. Group Studying

Now without any further ado, let’s start.

1. Musical Laser Light Show

With a projector and laptop, you can take your indoor and outdoor parties to the next level.

Create eye-catching laser light beams similar to those seen on rock concerts using a high lumen projector.

Creating that fancy laser light is a breeze with MusicBeam. Watch the video below and feel the fabulous fun,

The laser lights sequence is triggered by the music, as shown in the video.

Also, there are few in-built light beam patterns that you can use.

2. Drawing Murals

Kids Drawing and Painting Murals using a Projector

It is a fun way to engage kids, teenagers as well as adults.

Projectors can be used to project big drawings (in black and white color) on walls; then anyone can trace the path to create a huge drawing.

After drawing that giant mural, invite your friends to paint it.

You need no talent and no experience for creating such a massive painting.

Also, you can create a time-lapse video of the mural’s creation and share it on social media.

3. Seasonal Scenes

Is it Halloween now? Or is Christmas coming soon?

Maybe it is some kind of annual celebration at your home.

Then this is the perfect time to make use of Projected Reality.

Use an LED projector and DVD player for digital decoration and create a virtual 3D projection of funny or scary Ghosts.

There are plenty of DVDs available with pre-recorded scenes.

Adding images and videos to the wall makes it look more festive.

4. Home Planetarium

Home Planetarium - Cool things to do with a Projector - ULTRAdvice

It is a great way to engage your kids with astrology.

Using apps like Celestia and Stellarium, project a real image of the sky and let them understand the stars, planets, and galaxies.

They are widely used in museums and planetariums.

You can easily connect these apps with your projector.

Both of these apps are awesome! Celestia will give you the impression of flying through the sky. And also with Stellarium, you will feel like looking through a telescope.

Converting your bedroom into a planetarium is an impressive idea.

5. Interactive Whiteboard

A researcher named Johny Chung Lee was successful in converting a cheap projector into a high-quality interactive whiteboard.

He used a device called Wiimote, which is basically an infrared LED remote.

Instead of going for that costly interactive whiteboard worth hundreds of dollars, you can use this awesome hack.

6. Stealth Illusion

This cool trick is used in movies.

Here you create an image of the background and then project and reflect it from a highly reflective surface.

People will be amazed after seeing you disappear with this Stealth Illusion technique.

See the video below to have a clear idea,

This trick is also known as the Invisibility Cloak technique.

You can use it at events as well as at home during parties to awe people.

7. Watching Recipes

Cooking with Projector -Cool things to do with a Projector - ULTRAdvice

You can skip reading about this trick if you already have a TV set installed in your kitchen.

In case you don’t, then a cheap projector will take your kitchen and cooking experience to the next level.

After finding a delicious recipe and stocking up all the pantry, it becomes tough to follow instructions while you go along cooking.

A projector can be helpful in this matter.

You can project recipe videos on a white wall in your kitchen and watch them while you cook new dishes.

8. Fun at Pool Party

Pool Party with Projector - Cool things to do with a Projector - ULTRAdvice

Nothing is more joyful than a pool party.

We at our place always look for new innovative things to spice up our pool parties.

Use a big projector screen to watch movies, sunset views, or project images of cute fish and whales.

Don’t forget to add few relaxing soundtracks using a Soundbar or portable speakers.

9. Studying in Group

Group study - Cool things to with a Projector

A study group is a productive way of bringing more out of the studies.

They are beneficial to everyone.

A projector in front of your study group can bring them on one page and let them think about the same problem to find various solutions.

You can project Zoom and Skype calls on a big screen to see each attendee and their activities properly.

Zoom Skype Call with Projector - Cool things to do with a Projector - ULTRAdvice

Final Words

These are the creative ideas that can be done using a projector and laptop.

If you have anything unique to share, then don’t bother commenting below.

Today’s projectors are compact and portable to any location. And, due to the wide range of connectivity options available, their popularity is increasing each day.

Many creative people are looking to make maximum use of this incredible technology.

Let us know how you will be using a projector instead of just watching movies and playing games.

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Rakesh Kurhadehttp://ultradvice.com
Rakesh is tech-savvy. An engineer by education. He is a tech blogger at ULTRAdvice who shares his experience with various home automation products. Playing and experimenting with gadgets is his favorite hobby. Apart from breaking and making of gadgets, he loves gaming, watching movies and partying. His SEO skills are excellent and he was Digital Marketing Head at Robu.in. Contact him on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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