5 Best Sensory Projector for Autism – [Updated 2022]

It is the perfect time to bring the sensory space to your home!

Studies have shown that soothing lights and creative visual patterns greatly impact autism and sensory-related conditions. A Sensory Projector is a popular device among parents and therapists to promote comfort and calm.

It is a simple device that uses effect wheels to project nice-looking images. This way, it adds a visual touch to your room and helps you with relaxation. Also, it comes with a variety of effect wheels because every person is different, and the impact of every effect wheel changes from person to person.

Why should you purchase a sensory projector?

You can avoid repeating the same old bedtime story every night and use the sensory projector for storytelling. Use various effect wheels to project visual stories onto the wall. Babies who love to follow soothing lights and colours on the wall will enjoy the stories from the sensory projector.

For adults, projecting relaxing patterns along with therapeutic, meditative music can help change the mood and bring peace to mind.

In this article, we will discuss the best sensory projectors of 2022.

  1. Mathmos Space Projector – Best Overall
  2. Opti Auro LED Projector – Editor’s Choice
  3. TFH Snap Projector
  4. Aurora LED Projector
  5. SpaceKraft Sensory Projector

Now without any further ado, let’s start discussing the above projectors.

#1 – Mathmos Space Projector

Mathmos Space Projector - Best Sensory Projector for Autism

Mathmos Space Projector is our top pick on this list. It is available just at $129.

The maximum size of the projected image is 4m diagonal. The projection size depends upon the distance between the projector and the wall. It also depends upon the presence of light. The picture quality will be much better in the presence of complete darkness, and the size will be great.

The Mathmos has used 230 Lumens LED bulb in this projector. It is very easy to set up and use. Effect wheels are attached to the projector with Magnetic System. There are a plethora of effect wheels available on their website.

This projector is popular for liquid lava image projection. It projects excellent, constantly changing lava visuals onto the wall or ceiling.

Mathmos Space Projector is available in three different variants depending on the colour of the projector: silver, white and black. It weighs only 3.9lbs, so portability is a breeze.

#2 – Opti Aura LED Projector

Opti Aura LED Projector - Best Sensory Projector for Autism

The Opti Aura comes with a cute-looking design compared to others on this list.

It is available at the price of $298 only.

This projector comes with a wireless connectivity option. You can connect it to your smartphone with the WiFi and project the images. Moreover, their iOS and Android apps let you control the brightness of the projector from the smartphone.

It is compatible with a 6-inch effect wheel. There are over 200+ effect wheels available on their website. You need to purchase them separately.

The weight of 1lbs makes this projector a perfect fit for people who will frequently carry this projector from one place to another.

#3 – TFH Snap Projector

TFH Snap Projector - Best Sensory Projector for Autism

This sensory projector comes with a controllable wheel rotator. It can be accelerated, stopped and reversed with the knobs available on the projector.

The TFH Snap Projector is compatible with 6-inch effect wheels. They can be easily attached to the projector with the help of a magnetic system.

The price of this projector is relatively high. It cost somewhere around $800 without effect wheels. You need to purchase effect wheels separately.

This robust sensory projector weighs 5.5lbs.

It projects excellent quality images in dark rooms.

#4 – Aurora LED Projector

Aurora LED Projector - Best Sensory Projector for Autism

The Aurora LED Projector is a popular sensory projector by Experia.

The Aurora Sensory Projector is shipped with five effect wheels. For more effect wheels, you can explore their online shop.

Like all others, this is also an easy-to-use projector that comes with a magnetic wheel attachment system.

The cost of this sensory projector is $1089.

#5 – SpaceKraft Sensory Projector

SpaceKraft Projector - Best Sensory Projector for Autism

The SpaceKraft Sensory Projector comes with a sleek and beautiful design. It comes with a tripod stand. You can mount this projector to the wall or conveniently place it on the table.

It is shipped with three effect wheels: Space, Fireworks and Deep Sea. You can purchase more Effect Wheels from their shop.

It is compatible with 6-inch effect wheels.


There are not many options available to choose. We tried to list the best-performing sensory projectors available with plenty of effect wheels.

None of the above sensory projectors is available on Amazon or any other store. But you can trust them because our team has contacted the online shopping stores and checked for the genuinity.

A sensory projector can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. Also, using them is super easy! It comes with a controllable magnetic wheel rotator. You can control the direction and speed of the wheel. The magnetic system allows you to attach the wheel in seconds.

Let us know your thoughts on Sensory Projectors in the comment section below.

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