How to Connect Speakers to Projector

Projector's in-built speakers are good to go but if you want to experience real and enhanced surround sound quality then connecting external speakers will help a lot.
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If the in-built projector speakers don’t seem to please your ears, then the hacks in this article are for you!

Few of our readers say that they don’t have good quality in-built speakers. Some people have a projector with no built-in speaker at all.

Hence, it is a widespread practice to improve the projector’s sound quality using external stereo speakers, soundbar and Home Theatre, etc.

But in fact, each audio device may use different connection methodology depending on the ports available. So they need to be understood before buying and making final connections.

Generally, there can be two ways of getting the excellent sound of any device,

  1. Replacing the in-built speakers
  2. Amplifying the in-built speakers

In case of a projector, along with the in-built speakers, there are a couple of audio connectivity options that let you connect the projector to various audio devices.

Before we proceed further, kindly note that the connectivity options may change from projector brand to brand.

So there is no stepwise process that I can give you in this article. But we will discuss a few generic ways of connecting a sound system to the projector. They will help you definitely.

Here we will discuss connecting the following devices to a projector,

  1. Stereo Speaker
  2. Soundbar
  3. Bluetooth Speakers
  4. Home Theatre System

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Stereo Speakers

Connecting Stereo Speakers to the Projector -

Generally, in this type of sound system, a couple of speakers are connected and offer a 3.5mm Audio Jack to connect with an external device (like a projector).

You need to make sure that your projector has compatible 3.5mm Audio Jack and plug-in the stereo speakers.

Some stereo speakers are not interconnected, and they have individual left or a right audio connector coming out of them. Many projectors have “R” and “L” input ports to accept sound signals from such connectors. These allow high fidelity sound.

2. Soundbar

Connecting Soundbar to the Projector -

Soundbars are becoming very popular and more common in the 21st Century.

This type of sound system works on the amplification principle. Unlike stereo speakers which turns OFF the in-built speaker completely and then generate sound through themselves, a soundbar doesn’t turn OFF the in-built projector speaker.

Sound is generated in sync from both the soundbar and projector in-built speaker to enhance the quality. Due to this fact, the soundbar is also known as the sound amplifier.

It comes with any of the following connectors,

  1. Dedicated left and right connector
  2. 3.5mm Audio Jack
  3. HDMI Audio Connector

Make sure that your projector and soundbar will have any of the above standard connectors.

3. Home Theatre System

Connecting Home Theatre System to Projector -

It is a bit hard to connect home theatre system to a projector.

It needs to be done in several different ways than discussed earlier. To do so, you must be familiar with the following terms.

  1. AVR (Audio Video Receiver)
  2. Splitter
  3. Switch
  4. Matrix Switch

But don’t let these terms bother you. I will help you out.

AVR – It is an abbreviation for Audio Video Receiver. It splits the audio signal to speakers and video signals to display.

Splitter: A Splitter splits the connection of one media device between two devices like one audio device and one display device.

Switch – It lets you increase the number of devices that you can connect to the projector.

Matrix Switch: It can be the combination of both the Splitter and the Switch.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

Connecting Bluetooth Speaker to Projector -

Most of the modern projectors have in-built Bluetooth connectivity.

Connecting the projector to Bluetooth speakers is a breeze.

Just navigate to the projector Bluetooth settings then try searching and pairing options. Meanwhile, make sure that your speakers are not connected to any other Bluetooth device in your home.

Even if you fail to pair then try turning speaker’s Bluetooth ON and OFF several times. It will help you troubleshoot the intermediate induce detection.

If your projector doesn’t have in-built Bluetooth connectivity, you can also make it a Bluetooth-enabled device by using a Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver Device. You can find them easily on Amazon.

Final Words

This article may make you realize how easy it is to connect speakers to a projector, except in the home theatre system, which requires additional knowledge and skills.

Understand that the difficulty level of connecting anything to a projector varies according to the projector’s brand. But don’t worry if you learn the fundamentals mentioned in this article.

They will definitely help you!

For few people it may take 2-5 minutes to connect speakers to projector and others may have to struggle for around half-an-hour to get things right.

But as it is a one-time activity, your time is worth an excellent quality sound.

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